Fighting Against Corruption and Greed

We’re on a Mission To Combat

Predatory Sales Practices

Roofing & Solar contractors have earned a horrible reputation for overpromising, underlivering, and hiding expenses.

Shoddy Workmanship

Unlicensed installers, poor management, and rushed installs result in shoddy workmanship that’s often featured on the news.

Surprise Expenses

One of the most predatory practices of roofing and solar contractors is surprise expenses. They provide lowball estimates to earn your business, then surprise you with a bill you have no choice but to pay.

Poor Communication

No returned phone calls, no returned emails, unanswered texts. Communication has historically been the biggest breakdown for greedy or poorly managed contractors.

False Promises

Salesman get trained to tell you exactly what you want to hear, even if they can’t deliver. That’s why so many property owners have complained about false promises.

Misleading Advertising

Promises to save money, get huge discounts, or free upgrades are used as gimmicks to get you to call. In reality, the contractor has no intention of following through.

Workforce Exploitation

Workers not getting paid is a shocking and alarmingly common problem among contractors. This goes for all members of the workforce, from labor all the way up to management.

The 5 Pillars We Focus On

Buying Experience

Showing up late, estimates not being delivered on time, and horrible communication are the norm for many contractors. We’re committed to creating an easy, transparent, and educational buying experience.

Service Experience

Delays, surprise expenses, and awful communication are sadly what’s to be expected from typical contractors. We’re dedicated to delivering an amazing customer service experience.


Who is in charge here? The finger seems to get pointed to someone else while many contractors fail to take responsibility. We take extreme ownership of ourselves and our teams.


1 star reviews, employees not getting paid, and high turnover plague the industry. We set out to create a culture that our customers and team members are proud to be part of.


Greed and corruption poison our industry. Many contractors are willing to do nearly anything to make an extra buck. We are acting as stewards of every property we serve, and the industry at large.

How We Support Each Other

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Customer-Centric Service Systems
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Weekly Coaching Sessions
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