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2 Out of 3 Sales Reps Quit or Get Fired

The cause? They weren’t prepared to succeed! Improper or insufficient sales training. They weren’t mentally prepared.

8 Out of 10 Homeowners DON’T Trust Us

Greedy and corrupt contractors have ruined it for all of us. Homeowners are scared of getting taken advantage of because of what they see in the media.

NEW, Fast Changes Threaten Our Industry

Consolidation, Technology, The Economy, Insurance Coverage, and Changing Policies.

Join Us in the Trenches and Experience More Value Than Anything Available In The Industry


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Reform The Corrupt and Greedy Practices of the Roofing and Solar Industry Through Leadership and Action

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The Roof Strategist

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Jim Ahlin

Roofer Marketers

John Senac

John The Roof Pro & NTS ID

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CEO of Reimagine Roofing

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30-Day, 100% No BS Money-Back Guarantee

Founding Story

From the desk of Adam Bensman, aka “The Roof Strategist.”

Dear Roofing & Solar Contractor,

The journey began in 2011 when I sat down in my first interview with a roofing company… Within a short twenty minutes, the company who wanted to hire me began boasting about their “clever” business practices that were outright fraudulent.

I quickly realized the level of corruption in the roofing and solar industry. All of it driven by greed. An insatiable desire to make as much money as possible, at all costs, and as fast as they can. 

Fortunately, Adam discovered a roofing company with incredible leadership, an impeccable track record, and a commitment to take care of their customers no matter what.
Even after I joined the value-driven company, I was ashamed to tell people I worked in roofing for fear of being lumped into “one of the bad guys.” So instead, I would tell people that I was in “in-home sales.”

Day in and day out, as Adam was serving customers he felt like he was facing an up-hill battle out of the gate. Tremendous amounts of distrust surrounded contractors, roofing and solar contractors specifically.

Nearly every homeowner has seen the articles, watched the Breaking News, and have witnessed the “scam alert” warnings that blanketed the media.
Greedy and corrupt contractors have spoiled the reputation of nearly everyone in the industry. It felt as if each and every member of the roofing industry was “guilty by association.”

I noticed that this glaringly obvious barrier of distrust was difficult to overcome, compounded by the fact that most property owners have at least one horror story from working with a contractor. 

It became clear to me that the property owner’s experience was set up to be a disaster out of the gate. The wall of resistance they felt paired with the inherent distrust and industry stereotypes had everyone proceeding with heightened levels of defensiveness.

I committed to “create amazing experiences” for the property owners I served as I set out on a mission to transform the reputation of the industry one property owner at a time, even when things went wrong.

After all, it is construction and things do go wrong. Like the freak severe storm that struck while our crew was installing a roof and darn-near flooded our customer’s home. I worked tirelessly to relocate the customer for the next 6 weeks while we restored their home, repainted the walls, refinished the floors, and cleaned everything.

After the home was restored and the project was complete, I woke up to a surprise letter. It was a letter of recommendation thanking my team and I for stepping up and making things right, even in the gravest of circumstances.

The letter ended with the customer saying something to the effect of,

“I would feel confident recommending anyone I know to use Adam for their roofing project because of the length you’re willing to go through to make things right. Thank you for taking care of us.”

After filling nearly every role in the roofing industry, I realized that my mission to transform the industry one customer at a time was a massive undertaking. I couldn’t do it alone.

That’s when I set out to train contractors using my sales system for serving property owners and creating amazing experiences. That very system is currently being used by many, many, many thousands of contractors in the United States, Canada, Australia, and even Sweden.

The customer-centric philosophy and training led me to establish an official training partnership with Owens Corning, a global leader in roofing manufacturing and a household name.

As I began to serve contractors more deeply, I realized that the contractors I served were facing the very same struggles that I faced when starting in the industry.

That’s when it clicked…

The mission to transform the industry is not something that I could do alone… and I couldn’t do it by helping fellow contractors… it needed to be a much larger, united effort. 

That’s when I presented the idea to my community and mastermind group and said,

“I have an idea for us to make an even bigger impact together… How about we join forces to truly transform the industry together?

Let’s STOMP the scum out!”


That’s when the Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance was born.
It was the coming together of value-driven, customer-centric businesses who are dedicated to:

Reforming The Corrupt and Greedy Practices of the Roofing and Solar Industry Through Leadership and Action

30-Day, 100% No BS Money-Back Guarantee


Membership Requirements

Members who violate our membership requirements & terms will be kicked out and denied re-entry.

What You Get

Accreditation & 3rd Party Endorsement

You’ll be officially endorsed by the Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance.

Pledging Member Certificate

Annual Certificate to be used in your sales presentations.

Your Company Name and Logo Added to Our Member Directory

You’ll be listed on our official Member Directory on our website.

The Roof Strategist Sales System

Start-to-Finish Sales Training & System for both storm and retail. Includes canvassing training, objection handling, and in-home sales presentations. Used by thousands and now exclusively available to members of the Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance.

“Roof With Solar” Sales System

Integrate solar into your roofing sales. Includes solar 101 training, done-for-you solar presentation, canvassing training, and more!

Lead Generation Material (for roofs and roof with solar)

Over 280 done-for-you lead getting templates at your finger tips. Direct mail, door hangers, emails, material for commercial, apartments, churches, and specifically for solar. Covers both storm and retail. Just copy/paste, fill in the blank, and hit print! 

Licensed Use of Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance Branding

Boost credibility with our 3rd party endorsement. Add our logo to your website, truck wraps, company apparel, business cards, and more!

Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance Marketing Material

Use our growing library of marketing material to differentiate your business, stand apart, and showcase your endorsement. Including the backing of our consumer-facing website!

Mobile App

Access everything you need at your fingertips, from anywhere in the world.

LIVE Sales Training Sessions

Join LIVE, interactive training sessions hosted by Adam Bensman & Dashaun Bryant (~4/month).

LIVE Product & Claims Training Sessions

Join LIVE, interactive sessions hosted by John Senac (~2/mo).

LIVE Marketing Training Sessions

Join LIVE, interactive sessions hosted by Jim Ahlin (~2/mo).

LIVE Solar Training Sessions

Join LIVE, interactive sessions hosted by Kody Landals (~1/mo).

LIVE Guest Presentations

Join LIVE, interactive sessions hosted by special guests and industry experts.

LIVE Leadership Round Tables

Join LIVE, interactive sessions for owners and managers ONLY hosted by Adam Bensman and Kody Landals (~2/mo)

LIVE Owners Only Roundtables

Join LIVE, interactive roundtable sessions exclusively for owners only. These sessions are NOT recorded. Hosted by Adam Bensman or Member led. (~1/mo).

Access to All Session Recordings

All sessions are recorded, archived, and available in the app (Owners Only sessions excluded).

Mission Control Teams

Optional: Small groups of owners (6 MAX) who collaborate together and hold each other accountable.

Private Discussion Board

In-app discussion board accessible to all members. Post your questions, get feedback and answers from the community and Mentors.

Leadership Discussion Board

In-app discussion board accessible to owners and managers only. Post your leadership and operational questions behind closed doors. Get feedback and answers from the community and Mentors.

Owners Only Discussion Board

In-app discussion board accessible to owners only. Post in confidentiality and get answers and feedback to guide your business decisions.

Discounts From Our Partners

Get access to exclusive discounts from some of the biggest and best service providers in the industry for all of your business needs.

Member Network (1-on-1 Connections)

Access our member directory and “Rolodex” to connect 1-on-1 for further collaboration, networking, or site visits.

Site Visits

Optional: Connect 1-on-1 with fellow members for site visits to peek behind the curtains as to how they run their business.


30-Day, 100% No BS Money-Back Guarantee

Join 100% risk-free. Membership needs to be a good fit both ways. If during your first 30 days, you’re not satisfied for any reason, just email our support team to cancel your membership and get a full refund.

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One-Time-Only Initiation Fee of $997

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One-Time-Only Initiation Fee of $997

30-Day, 100% No BS Money-Back Guarantee

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